Launching My Course: Make Friends with the Greek Alphabet

Greece has been my muse for over twenty years. I love sharing my experiences and knowledge of Greek cookery and way of life, as well as the language that gave birth to our own.

When I moved to Greece twenty years ago, I was excited to learn Greek in Greece. I was thrilled at the prospect! And yet, I struggled. Although I am of Greek descent, my husband is a native Greek, and our children were in Greek school, it just didn’t come naturally to me. In fact, it took YEARS. I watched other people pick it up more quickly and I felt deflated. 😥

Once I found my way, I felt there was such a logical, easy way to learn — one that I never found in a class, a book, an app or a teacher.

So, I decided to create the class I wish had existed when I moved to Greece.

After teaching that course for over two years,

I decided to offer a membership that INCLUDES that course.

It is a joy to support Greek language learners with clear lessons and a wonderful community.

If you’re interested in learning my unique approach to learning the Greek language, you are warmly invited to join us!

Enroll in the Modern Greek Foundations course with one live class per week.

Or join Gradual Greek to get access to the foundations course, two live classes per week, and exposure to a more intermediate level (A2).

Have you imagined what would happen if you had a year of support with learning to read and speak Greek?

If you are learning from an app, online materials, or a book (or booksssss), or perhaps you have a program that is sitting in a box, annd you'd like to add a human touch...

you are warmly welcome to join us in the Gradual Greek membership.

If you're looking for a novel way to learn Modern Greek, we're here for you.

Try it for a month or better yet, commit to a year!

Have you imagined what a year of supportive Greek learning would do for you?


Join for a month, a quarter or a year and watch your Greek soar!

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Hi, I'm Demetra. I am a multi-passionate, life-long teacher working in food, music, and Greek language. I love simplifying the complicated and an unconventional approach to learning, in which fun, clarity and efficiency are the major players.

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