Gradual Greek Membership

From stuck and confused to clear and confident!

A refreshing approach to Modern Greek, using a fun, stick-to-your-brain method, and a learning roadmap that sets you up to succeed as a confident, fluent Greek speaker.

This membership is for you if...

→ You want to speak Greek confidently

→ You're following courses or using an app but want a human touch

→ You want to read with ease

→ You are tired of going at it alone

→ You are overwhelmed by the alphabet and want to make peace with it

→ You want to build your knowledge of basic Greek so you can move swiftly towards fluency

→ You'd like to be part of a fun, supportive, community with the common goal of learning the Greek language

What's included in this membership?


Modern Greek Foundations course

✅ Succinct yet entertaining videos

Audio clips with multiple native speakers

✅ Printable PDFs for each lesson

Quizzes that are read by an actual human

Private podcast so you can learn anytime, anywhere - no internet needed

Digital Books

✅ Digital book with all the (clearly designed, all-learners-friendly) PDFs

✅ Digital book with short stories of progressively increasing level


✅ Foundation classes with Demetra (Tuesdays, 9pm Greece / 2pm EST)

✅ Greek Song with Maria (last Tuesday of every month)

✅ Grammar, Etymology and Conversation with Efi (Thursdays, 9pm Greece / 2pm EST)

Recordings and resources from all live classes


✅ 50% off Intensives and 1:1 sessions


✅ A highly-supportive private community run by Demetra and the team

✅ Daily motivation, encouragement, and feedback in the group


✅ Individual feedback is available throughout the entirety of your experience

Support for those working toward the annual exams

Top-Quality Digital Resources PLUS live classes every week

If you’re ready to read and speak Greek with confidence — get started today!



$39 / month


$39 / month


7-day FREE trial. Cancel any time. No lock-in contracts.


  • feeling confident with pronunciation
  • being able to write
  • texting in Greek like a Greek
  • knowing what to say when meeting new people
  • knowing the vocabulary needed for shopping at the outdoor market
  • casually saying the wonderful “well-wishing” phrases
  • using numbers with ease
  • being secure with all the common expressions
  • having a stockpile of useful nouns
  • being clear about verbs
  • understanding sentence structure
  • recognizing the relationship between the thousands of English words that come from Greek (thereby increasing your vocabulary exponentially without having to memorize ANYTHING!)
  • have FUN while learning

Students say…

I absolutely loved taking this course with Demetra! Having just moved to Greece last November, this course was perfect for me.

Demetra’s love for the Greek language and culture was contagious and her enthusiasm and encouragement made me not want class time to end! Thanks, Demetra, for creating such a brilliant course.

- Rebecca, expat

Your program is much more fun than the brutal Greek school I remember dreading as a young child. I like how you are quickly getting us to be comfortable reading and writing and speaking and how you interject extra information but enforce that it isn't necessary to remember it all right now. Feels manageable and I'm enjoying it!

- Pamela, Greek American

I loved this course. It was perfect as I am a very busy mom. After three years of living in Greece I have finally mastered the alphabet.

I always felt like I didn't have the time or energy to learn it. Also it felt overwhelming to even try.

I love Demetra's approach, her enthusiasm and her support while taking the course.

I would highly recommend this course for busy moms.

– Cherilyn, mother of MANY

I love how this course is put together. If you would have started with grammar for example, you would have lost me immediately. The way you teach makes me curious and interested to learn more and to start with common phrases, well wishing etc makes it easy to put into practice and use immediately. Love it!

I appreciate your videos in which you present each new wordlist so that I can hear the pronunciation and play it over and over.

- Becky, expat

Demetra is a wonderful teacher who is passionate about the Greek language and its beauty, rhythm and vivid expressiveness. She is equally passionate about engaging, encouraging and empowering her students and does this with great warmth, humor and enthusiasm.

I greatly enjoyed the course and am looking forward to going to Greece in the near future and know that I will be more confident and joyful in my ability to communicate and connect!

-Maria, Greek American

During the lockdown in Greece I finally had the time to take a beginners class with Demetra and to my surprise I was totally captured by the classes and how fun it was to learn Greek, and what a wonderful teacher Demetra was.

I have studied four different languages normally in a school but being online with her and one other student was a joy and I looked forward to meeting them every week.

-Kayra, humanitarian

Demetra is an incredibly encouraging and helpful teacher who teaches with both humor and passion for the language and the Greek culture. It's impossible to not be affected and encouraged by this.

The setup of the course is also great since the content is easy to start using right away. This has given me more confidence and courage to try to communicate in Greek.

I am so happy for the live classes we've had. Love that you teach with a smile and with a sense of humor. That takes away a lot of pressure.

Jenny, expat from Sweden

I have found the course to be very enjoyable and entertaining. I think the structure is perfect; it provides a really good grounding and solid foundation from which I hope to continue to build.

I am very grateful to you for the help you, and your course, have provided to me in learning the alphabet and starting to explore the language.

I hope you can ... help thousands of students to learn Greek, with the benefit of your own experience and understanding of the challenges they face.

-Stephen, traveler

Demetra is an incredible teacher. She formulates her classes upon individual comprehension of the material, and makes sure you feel comfortable and challenged.

Demetra’s teaching style is very personal and encouraging.

I have always wanted to improve my Greek and this is by far the best course I have found.

-Anastacia, Greek American

Demetra’s Greek course is wonderful. She breaks down the Greek language into very manageable pieces.

She is an extremely attentive teacher who offers her time generously to make sure you are learning. Her course has another advantage in that she is not a native Greek speaker so she has gone through the very same process and knows the tips and tricks for success.”

– Jan, language enthusiast

Frequently asked questions by your fellow Greek language learners

Do I have to know how to read Greek?

No! You will LEARN how to read! This is one of the top priorities and we address it immediately.

I have tried to learn Greek before and I always end up where I will this experience be different?

I have been where you are. I don't want anyone to have a foray into this language like I did! Took forever just to get the basics... This program is logical and time-efficient, and it works for everyone. The combination of video, audio, printed content, lives, gamification, accountability, and real-time feedback is designed to ensure the success of all students.

Everyone learns differently and we make content for every type of learner - with no judgement. Our goal is your success and all content and live classes are focused on that result.

Can I go at my own pace?

Absolutely. You will have access to the course and all the live classes immediately. As long as you are an active member, you are welcome to the live classes and the Telegram chat. You will be supported at every stage.

Am I too old to learn?

100% NO. One of my first students was my mother (don't laugh -- I am serious), who started learning at 85 years old -- fulfilling a life-long dream to speak and write in Greek. She now texts me daily in Greek. Age has absolutely nothing to do with the success you will enjoy in this course.

I have a very busy schedule -- what if I cannot make it to the live classes?

This program FOR YOU! Because I was unable to go to classes when I moved to Greece (with a baby and a toddler), helping VERY BUSY humans is a serious priority to me.

Some people do this entire course using only the digital course with weekly feedback from me.

We will guide you and give you your "next step" as you progress. We interact via video, audio and text. We have your back!

Will we have support between live classes?

Absolutely! I am available in our group chat on Telegram and via email, I answer immediately if I am online. Otherwise I answer within a few hours and never more than 24 hours. This aspect is of utmost importance to me as a teacher because I don't ever want my students to get stuck and I believe that MOMENTUM is to be seized. 💃🏼

I'm not sure about my level. What if it is too hard or too easy for me?

Our students range from absolute beginners to intermediate. You will be taken care of - and taken to the next level - from wherever you are.

Will I need to invest in other materials?

For beginners, everything is included in the membership. If you are intermediate, we recommend two short books (around 10 dollars/euros each).

Can I buy this as a gift for someone else?

Absolutely! Just purchase the course and let me know it is a gift. I will send the login details to your person!

Top-Quality Digital Resources PLUS live classes every week

If you’re ready to read and speak Greek with confidence — get started today!



$39 / month


$39 / month


7-day FREE trial. Cancel any time. No lock-in contracts.

Are you in? / Είσαι μέσα;

In 2002 I moved to Greece with my husband and two daughters. To say that I struggled to find a logical, time-efficient way to learn the language, is an understatement. Twenty years later I decided to create the course I wish had existed when I moved to Greece. This is it! 🎉

I’ll give you my step-by-step roadmap, with support, feedback, and accountability so that you enjoy and succeed in your language learning journey.

The combination of digital resources + live classes + community + customized support makes this a unique learning opportunity and experience.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Demetra / Δήμητρα