If we haven't met, hello! 👋'

I'm Demetra.

Greek is my second language and now

I help Greek learners

read with ease,

pronounce correctly,

eliminate grammar confusion,

and have fun at the same time!

Welcome to my About Page. 😊

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This page isn't a proper "about" page; it's really about the Greek language part of my life. Here goes!

In 2002 I moved to Greece with my husband and our two daughters (one a baby and the other a toddler).

To say that I struggled to find a logical, time-efficient way to learn the language, is an understatement.

I wanted to be able to engage in a simple conversation without worrying about grammar or pronunciation, and without feeling self conscious.

I thought it might come naturally with all the exposure, or I'd find the right book or the right class or the right teacher.

I never found a program that worked for me.

I met countless other expats who were looking for the same thing and also hadn't found a solution.

After nearly twenty years in Greece, I decided to create the program I wish had existed when I moved to Greece.

I wanted it to be infused with food and music, to be fun, to be light.

To be a pleasure, to learn with others…

To serve:

  • those of Greek ancestry connect with their heritage and their Greek-speaking relatives
  • expats
  • those who are married into Greek families
  • those who simply love the language
  • travelers 🏖️

And here we are! Want to read more?

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Demetra is equally passionate about engaging, encouraging and empowering her students and does this with great warmth, humor and enthusiasm.

Maria K., Greek American

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Hi, I'm Demetra. I am a multi-passionate, life-long teacher working in food, music, and Greek language. I love simplifying the complicated and an unconventional approach to learning, in which fun, clarity and efficiency are the major players.

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